First Weekend of The Ultimate Smash game! An Initial Review.

Tue 11th Dec 2018 - 9:06pm


 Smash Ultimate has been one of the first Smash games that I’ve seen both the Melee and Smash 4 communities collectively come together to have a good time. In this article I will be explaining the week one state of the game that I’ve seen so far! This game has me very optimistic for its competitive scene and I hope some of you will agree with me on some of these points.


Let the players move:

            Something you’ll hear in all my reviews is how the pacing of games are the most important thing to me. Making the players wait to play your game or limiting them solely because it was easier from a developing stand point is the single best way to make people not want to play your game. Smash Ultimate has not only sped up the game play but added movement options! The small change of allowing only a single directional air dodge instead of multiple in place air dodges may sound limiting at first but, given some characters just don’t have the best recoveries, it’s a great way to add more options at the ledge and gives the gameplay that much more depth which I will go into when I talk about scrapping. Another great addition to the movement of the game is dash dancing! This mechanic is not only extremely simple and satisfying to do but in Ultimate it’s also extremely effective. These tactics are extremely useful and should be something that every smash player should be implementing into their play if they want to up their gameplay!


Playing some neutral and scrapping:

These points bring me to my next topic which is playing neutral game and scraps! Adding movements options are great ways to improve the way you play neutral. Which means that now with zoning characters being very strong, you have more options to deal with those Richter or Snake players, making getting up close and landing that hit much more satisfying. The addition of directional air dodges also gives some extra mind games of the map and adds its own neutral game when recovering. Some characters are obviously better at some things than others, which will lead me to the point.


Character Viability:

In week one everyone is viable, so I encourage everyone to try out their favorite characters and see what they can do! Nintendo did a good job when speeding up the game to give everyone something new and giving them new options. Be the guy that’s known for your character! I know that’s not what people want to hear so I’ll also give you guys my “major threats” list. In no specific order the characters to really keep an eye on and learn the match up are: Wolf, having fantastic hit boxes, great frame data, and extremely viable fireball makes him a giant threat to anyone who doesn’t know how to deal with him. King K. Rool, having armor for days, a fair speed for his size, and a viable projectile that lingers allowing you to control space makes him a force to be reckoned with. Inkling, which is my personal favorite and who I’ll be playing a lot, is a character that has an amazing dash, great combo game, and amazing speed allowing you to smother your opponent with attacks and really oppress them to playing your game. These are only three of the many new threats in this game but there is only one last thing I’d like to discuss.


Talk to us Nintendo:


Nintendo has always had a way with making things difficult for the more competitive players and smash although a great game so far has some faults I think Nintendo needs to address. The first one is the matchmaking system. I just want to play some games with some friends and get in some 1v1’s with some random people! Why is it that I must hope that I just get a 1v1 instead of a free-for-all? There were a lot of steps taken to make Smash Ultimate a much better experience for competitors but, this one falls flat. The Second point is Patching. This one hasn’t happened yet but, please Nintendo, please wait just a few months before you patch this game. Meta is something that is developed over time and should not be tampered with in its earlier stages. Nintendo has a knack for this and the example that I’ll give you is Smash 4’s Greninja transitioning from 3DS to console. This character was nerfed far too much far too early and hopefully Nintendo does not jump the gun on nerfing characters before a meta is even established.


Final Thoughts:


            In all I’m very excited to see what comes of this new Smash. Nintendo seems like they are actually listening to the competitors and we will just have to be patient and see what comes of this new and improved Smash. Keep your eyes out for more and more articles from GXG on Smash Ultimate as this is only a first impression. As the meta evolves more content will be posted so just make sure you stay up to date! Thank you guys and as always stay golden!



Mikey Willman