Mister J - My thoughts on an upcoming NEC 17

Fri 16th Dec 2016 - 1:27am Gaming


What is up, dudes? J here, and with NEC 17 arriving tomorrow, I’d like to use a bit of time right now to present how I’m feeling about the event as well as share my insight on information regarding the future of Killer Instinct.

First off, before I make any words about this opportunity, I'd like to thank Ground Xero for making it possible in the first place. I'm more than grateful to be able to take this trip, especially when I wouldn't have been able to fund it myself, so please check out their social media pages and give them a like, a follow, anything that encourages them to keep up the great work they provide for their players.


Now, this weekend will be the first time I travel outside of Florida for a fighting game event. I will be competing in Killer Instinct, as well as maybe Street Fighter, but so far my main focus is to be playing KI. It’s been a long time since I’ve played the game, but I’ve been making rather last minute preparations so that I’m feeling pretty good at the event. I’m aware of the more recent changes and additions, such as Spinal’s new Shadow Move and Wulf’s buffed linkers, so I don’t think I’m in for any surprises.

Now, because the game isn't as popular as other fighting games that are gonna be there, I don't expect more than 40 or 50 players to arrive for competition. However, I'm aware that the players that WILL arrive are going to make these pools rather shark-infested, so I've got a lot more to prepare for than others would expect. It IS sad that the fan support for the game hasn’t reached a high as of late, but it’s still fantastic to know that the game DUE to its community WILL be receiving a $1000 pot bonus, which is still pretty amazing.

My plan, like any other player ready to compete, is to win. I'll be tossing up my character choices between my main, General RAAM, Aganos, & Sadira, and I'm pretty confident that they'll be able to get the job done across all matchups, even if those matchups involve some pretty ridiculous players such as Nicky and Pink Diamond.


Now, before I wrap up this small log, I've received a few questions from others on how I feel about a Season 4 arriving for Killer Instinct. Quite frankly, I think the more support this game receives from IG, the more it will encourage a larger fan base, which is no surprise but the game has received its fair share of criticisms throughout all three of its seasons. I believe that the top, critiquing players will always know more of what to do with the game to make it more favorable for a growing fan base, so as long as everyone is favor for it, I wouldn't mind a Season 4. After  all, I'm already very content being able to play my favorite video game character, in a fighter especially like KI, so whatever direction this game heads in the future, I can only hope it will be for the better. Considering there's speculation of more and more content arriving for the game, whether it may mark an end for Season 3 or not, there's a lot especially as an avid player, to be excited about.


Tune into Twitch this weekend so you guys can check out what I've had in store for the other players. I'd give an exact channel, but there will be quite a few streams that weekend so I'll just have them listed for you guys to take a look at.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this, and thanks again to my sponsorship, GXG, for all the effort they've put into help make this possible. It's gonna be a lot fun meeting many friends from the KIUF over in Pennsylvania, including my man Tremaine, who's gonna be rocking his bracket over there as well. This is my first out-of-state tournament, so this is definitely a new experience for me. I’m excited and ready to make my team and my friends proud. Trust me, guys. You won't be disappointed.




Mister J

Mister J

Justin Sanchez

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