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Mon 15th May 2017 - 7:12pm Gaming

          With Smash 4 being a very matchup heavy game due to there being so many characters, you've probably heard people talking about picking up a character thousands of times. They need it for this character and that character is too hard for their character, etc. I wanted to talk about secondaries. When are they worth picking up, when should you use them, when are they problematic.

          Firstly let's just go over the correct way to pick up a secondary. You play your main and you discover that there are a couple of characters you despise fighting. Have played against them a decent amount, and every time you do you find yourself falling short, running out of ideas. You think that it's getting pretty tough and every time you play against this character in tourney, it ends up being the death of your run. What you should evaluate at this point is, do I actually know the matchup or am I just being a baby and struggling? This is the difference a lot of people haven't figured out yet, plenty of people talk about secondaries for characters they haven't even really grinded against! Do you realize how long it takes to learn a matchup? You know it takes a while when a lot of you only really KNOWWWW matchups of characters that your training partners use. That's when you have to take a step back and evaluate yourself. Do I know this matchup. If so, is it really bad enough for me to pick up a secondary for? Most of the time the answer is no. However you can have a character that covers the majority of the displeasing matchups in your lineup so because of that it's a good pick up on your part. If you want my personal opinion I think you need either dlc or a top 10 character if you're thinking about picking someone up. Until you get to top 6 placements at smackdown you can pretty much main almost anyone so I'm not saying you need dlc or a top 10 character to place well. I'm just saying if you're gonna be putting yourself through the trouble of picking up a character it might as well be a character that can carry you. So if you decide to pick up a character, pick up a good one, and learn that matchup. Learn the one you don't wanna do too. If you play Fox and you hate Ryu and Bayo so you pick up diddy, learn the matchups as Fox till you're comfortable with them in friendlies, but the cheese factor in tourney isn't to your liking.. the insight of the matchup you learn with Fox will come in handy as your diddy I promise. If you switch before learning you're making it even harder on yourself. That should cover who to switch to and some self evaluating you need before deciding on the switch.

          Let me just say that until you're really good you shouldn't really be dividing your time up at all. It is always easier to see improvement in players that stick to their character. If you're a low-mid level player and you're talking about needing a secondary for a matchup, you're full of shit, 100%. No one in Smackdown besides like 3 or 4 people are good enough for you to never overcome with whatever character you're using. Idc if it's Link, DHD, any of that. You can overcome our weekly with dedication and proper training. I cringe when people ask me if they should pick up x character for their bad matchup. Stick to your character, get better, until you're top 4 I promise it's not the character holding you back. It's you. You think it's a good idea to pick someone up to help your immediate results but you're holding back your not so immediate results by dividing up your focus when you haven't grasped a lot of things yet. Not the smartest move if you ask me. Think long term and keep it up with Wario.

          My great great grandfather always used to say when he was alive, "I can preach abstinence but damn you smashers are some hohoho's shoutout to Mr. Kringle." What this means is that I can't tell you what to do, I can only try to guide you. A lot of you already have semi functional secondaries, so I can't tell you to give up on it, especially if they're a good character. If you're a player that has 2-3 characters he uses regularly or a pocket that sees the light frequently, make a list of the whole roster. Assign your list of characters to the roster, for every character in the game which character of yours do you prefer. You can't just be deciding what character you play on a gut feeling, that's ridiculous and basically you giving up before the set even starts. Decide who you like for who, and then learn the matchup. Learn it as all of your tourney characters for insight and for the off chance you get locked into a different character. This way you're setting yourself up for victory. Once you have this done I don't wanna see you pulling out your secondary vs a character you have designated someone else for. This is when having a secondary will get in your way. Too many times have I seen people get slapped game one and try a different character. You got slapped for a reason you aren't sure of, picking a different character means you know why you got slapped and the character you switch to that won't be happening on. If you mindlessly switch characters you're taking yourself further from learning, and you're making 2 problems out of 1. Big mistake I see from people. Hope this all helped! 


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Christopher Leonor

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