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  • Defiance Esports

  • VCTRYWear

    VCTRY Wear was founded in 2018 on the basis to create high quality eSports apparel for all fans, teams and supporters of the sport. Making personal connections with our supporters and teams, we want our business relationships to be more than just business. Our team and staff have a true love for the sport and for the esports scene. We want to show that, by offering the highest quality of support and care!   Use discount code "GXG" to get 10% all products!

  • Rogue Energy

    Rogue Energy was founded in January 2017.  Manufactured in the United States in state-of-the-art, FDA-certified facilities, Rogue Energy is an elite, sugar-free, cognitive performance beverage. Use Rogue Energy to achieve your maximum potential in gaming, school, work, and fitness. Rogue Energy is the ultimate, undisputed, focus & energy drink.   Use discount code "GXG" to get 10% all products!

  • TechniSport

    Our mission: To provide the Ultimate Gaming Experience through next-level quality, comfort, and design   Use discount code "GXG" to get 10% all products!